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Number 1:  You  will have received a diagnosis from a doctor in your town prior to surgery being scheduled, or you may get the scans done at the hospital you select and the diagnosis done there. The specialist at the hospital is part of your team, working to ensure that proper diagnosis, treatment or surgery, and followup is given to you, the patient.   A continuation of care plan is provided to all surgical patients, or patients requiring followup services. 

Number 2: You will stay at the hospital,  recovery center or hotel with well qualified nursing staff, under your  doctor's supervision,  until ready to depart for home.

​                                                            Number 3:  Your doctor will prescribe necessary medications
                                                            prior to your departure
                                                            Number 4:  If you return home and have questions, you may
                                                            contact your doctor by phone or email, or contact your case                                                                   manager at NC Medical Travel

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