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NC Medical Travel and Christian Health Care

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Medical Travel for Christians
 Welcome to NC Medical Travel --Reducing costs and improving health for  Health Care members and individuals needing low cost medical and dental care
North Carolina Medical Travel is a USA company specializing in quality customer service for  Christian Cost Sharing, Health Care members, persons receiving crowd funding, who opt to travel domestically or internationally to receive high quality healthcare at the lowest negotiated prices.  Hospitals are Joint Commission Internationally Accredited and dental providers have a demonstrated record of excellence.
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NC Medical Travel is located in the historic Broyhill Office Suites in Clemmons, NC.  

​Top Reasons Members  Travel  for Healthcare

Travel to and from destinations that NC Medical Travel partners with  is easy and affordable, and safe

Members travel with confidence knowing that NC Medical Staff have researched the healthcare provider and expected outcomes will meet or exceed the USA

Destination countries are ranked higher than the USA for quality of healthcare by the World Health Organization report in 2000.

JCI Accredited Hospitals  meet or exceed US standards

Doctors are well qualified, speak english,  and hold appropriate certifications and professional affiliations

Travel to a country that is 1/13 the cost of the USA can result in no co-pay, or out of pocket expense for surgery

Just a few routine diagnostic tests can save $15,000 per couple--enough to pay your Health Care share for more than 3 years!! 

But the biggest reason that people travel to take advantage of  what providers and hospitals off shore have to offer is:


Group of Samaritan Ministry Health Care members who traveled to Costa Rica with NC Medical Travel in July, 2015

"Working with Kathy and Richard made the travel experience go very smoothly as I would never have done this on my own." --Jennifer M. USA....................."They did help me tremendously even though it was of no direct benefit to them. It would be nice to return the favors they have done for me. BTW- to restate, I went to Barcelona, Spain not Central America."--Mike L. North Carolina, USA............................."The prosthetic care I received was excellent, in fact Dino seemed much more experienced than the guy that made my first prosthetic leg in our area in the states"--Patient..........................."I appreciate NC Medical Travel for giving me an alternative to high priced US medical treatments. They provided me communication with the Doctor and Clinic. Even with my flights, hotel stay, treatment, the cost was still half of what I would pay in the states for the same care. Plus, I got a vacation of rainforest, hot springs, zip lining, volcano, and a visit with my college friend who lives in Panama." Carrie E. USA......................"NC Travel went beyond their commitment to organize everything we needed, even with extra last-minute requests."--Patient
Our services help to  bridge the gap for members of SMI health care plans for unshared needs: 

Needs resulting from conditions that existed prior to your membership are usually not shared (see Section VII of the SMI Guidelines for details).

Routine checkups and preventative care are considered items that can be included in your budget and are not shared. There is limited sharing of maternity needs related to a conception prior to membership.

Most dental, audiological, and optical related needs are not shared through SMI